New SI units

The International System of Physical Units is put on a new basis

New International System of Units: the value of certain fundamental constants will be fixed

The International System of Units (SI System of Units) is part of the foundation of science, and a daily tool of scientists and engineers.

Seven base units form the SI System:

  • length: meter
  • mass: kilogram
  • time: second
  • electric current: Ampere
  • thermodynamic temperature: Kelvin (directly linked to Boltzmann constant k)
  • luminous intensity: Candela
  • amount of substance: mole

New International System of Units – new framework

Over the next few years the SI system of units will be switched from the today’s method (1.) where units are fixed and numerical values of fundamental constants are “variable”, i.e. determined experimentally, to the new method (2.) where the numerical values of the set of fundamental constants is fixed, and the units are defined such, that their definition results in the fixed numerical values of the set of fundamental constants. This switch to a new definition of the SI system requires international agreements, and decisions by international organizations, and this process is expected to be completed by 2018.

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