Ludwig Boltzmann

Ludwig Boltzmann Energy, entropy, leadership. February 20, 1844 – September 5, 1906.

Mathematician. Physicist. Philosopher. Leader.

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Ludwig Boltzmann created much of our understanding of energy, entropy and nature and many mathematical tools and greatly contributed to the philosophy of nature

He created much of our understanding of energy and entropy and he created many tools to work with energy, entropy, and gas.

He is one of the most important mathematicians, physicists and philosophers, and he was one of the top global intellectual leaders of his time, and greatly influenced the work of subsequent scientists including Albert Einstein and many others.

Ludwig Boltzmann lived from February 20, 1844 – September 5, 1906.

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Ludwig Boltzmann – the mathematician

When Ludwig Boltzmann described himself, he often referred to himself primarily as a mathematician.

Ludwig Boltzmann created many mathematical tools used today: e.g. the Boltzmann Transport Equations

Ludwig Boltzmann has also discovered many other laws of nature, and he has also developed many mathematical tools. For example, Ludwig Boltzmann’s Boltzmann-Equations are used as mathematical tools in the design of cars, airplanes and jet engines.

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Ludwig Boltzmann – the physicist

He is most famous for linking the thermodynamically defined Entropy, which was essentially introduced to optimize steam engines, to the statistically defined entropy, based on the microscopic behavior of gas atoms and molecule – at a time, when the existence of atoms was not yet universally accepted.

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The philosopher

As a philosopher, Ludwig Boltzmann worked on the interactions of physics and philosophy, and in particular also insisted that questions such as whether our space is curved or not, or whether time is reversible, need to be answered by the tools of physics and mathematics, including experiments, not by philosophy.

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The global leader

Ludwig Boltzmann was intensely global, he studied English, traveled all over Europe and three times by train and ship to the United States of America, and was in intense correspondence with most scientific leaders of his time.

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