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Gerhard Fasol: Entropy, information and Ludwig Boltzmann

Entropy, information and Ludwig Boltzmann, 10th Ludwig Boltzmann Forum 20 February 2018 Gerhard Fasol CEO, Eurotechnology Japan KK, Board Director, GMO Cloud KK. former faculty Cambridge University and past Fellow, Trinity College Cambridge Ludwig Boltzmann 20 February 1844 – 5 September 1906 We use Ludwig Boltzmann’s results every day. Here are some examples: The definition […]

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Gerhard Fasol: Ludwig Boltzmann – Energy, Entropy Leadership by

Ludwig Boltzmann as leader Gerhard Fasol Keynote presented at the 6th Ludwig Boltzmann Symposium on February 20, 2014 at the Embassy of Austria in Tokyo. (Gerhard Fasol, CEO of Eurotechnology Japan KK. Served as Associate Professor of Tokyo University, Lecturer at Cambridge University, and Manger of Hitachi Cambridge R&D Lab.) Ludwig Boltzmann, the scientist Ludwig […]